[Current] Development of Intelligent THz beamforming technology realizing 6G mobile communications

Project: 2020.09.01 – 2023.02.28

Research Objectives

In order to realize THz (0.1~1THz) ultra-wideband communication, which is drawing attention as a core technology of 6G mobile communication, a transmission technology that is easy to implement should be developed […]

[Current] Development of low-latency/high-reliability sensing and management technology for NAND flash memory reflecting variation between chips

Project: 2020.09.16 – 2025.9.15

Research Objectives

  1. NAND flash memory research environment establishment and plan establishment reflecting variation between chips
  2. Development of adaptive sensing technology based on transfer learning
  3. Development of management technology based on transfer learning
  4. […]

[Current] Development of communication/computing-integrated revolutionary technologies for superintelligent services

Project: 2020.07.01 – 2025.12.31

Research Objectives

  1. Study on IRS and low-resolution ADC/DAC-based communication system for ultra-low power communication supporting mobile devices
  2. Development of reliable wireless computing technology to protect privacy data
  3. Development of intelligent communication system […]

[Current] Development on The Disruptive Technologies for Beyond 5G Mobile Communications Employing New Resources

Project : 2018. 7. 01 ~ 2025.12.31

What is ‘Beyond 5G (B5G) mobile communications’?

  1. B5G mobile communication system is expected to be an intelligent autonomous system capable of meeting the dynamic network requirements such as ultra-high […]