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Recent Papers

H. Son, G. Kwon, H. Park, J. Park

Impact of Imperfect Channel State Information on Achievable Rate With Zero-Forcing Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems for Multi-Numerology Inproceedings Forthcoming

IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2023), Boston, USA, Forthcoming.

박현철, 안홍선, 황민영

비선형 에너지 하베스터를 고려한 광대역 다중 사용자 무선 전력 송신 파형 설계 Patent

대한민국, 10-2593833-0000, 2023, (출원번호: 10-2021-0111435 , 출원일: 2021-08-24).

J. Jee, H. Park

Deep Learning-based Joint Optimization of Closed-Loop FDD MmWave Massive MIMO: Pilot Adaptation, CSI Feedback, and Beamforming Journal Article Forthcoming

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Forthcoming.

H.S Park, J. Jee, H Park

Outage Probability Analysis and Joint Optimization for UAV-aided FSO/RF Systems with Nonlinear Power Amplifiers Journal Article Forthcoming

IEEE Photonics Journal, Forthcoming.