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Recent Papers

박현철, 지정주, 권기림

비선형 전력 증폭기의 왜곡을 보상하는 다중 사용자 하향링크 시스템의 송신 및 전력 할당 방법 및 장치 Patent Forthcoming

대한민국, 10-2020-0145945, Forthcoming, (출원번호: 10-2020-0145945, 출원일: 2020-11-04).

A. Ahmadian, W. Shin, H. Park

Max-min Throughput Optimization in FDD Multi-Antenna Wirelessly-Powered IoT Networks Journal Article Forthcoming

IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Forthcoming.

T. H. Jang, D. M. Kang, S. H. Kim, C. J. Lee, S. Jun, H. Park, J. H. Kim, C. S. Park

120 GHz Wideband I/Q Receiver Based on Baseband Equalizing Technique Journal Article Forthcoming

IEEE Journal of Solid State Circuits, Forthcoming.

J. Jee, G. Kwon, H. Park

Precoding Design and Power Control for SINR Maximization of MISO System with Nonlinear Power Amplifiers Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 69 (11), pp. 14019 - 14024, 2020.