2024 LIT Commencement
2024 LIT Commencement
2023 LIT Homecoming Day


Recent Papers

A. Ahmadian, W. Shin, H.Park

Long-Term Throughput Maximization in Wireless Powered Communication Networks: A Multi-Task DRL Approach Journal Article Forthcoming

IEEE Internet of Things Journal, Forthcoming.

J. Jee, B. Tamiru, H. Park

Channel Estimation and Pilot Reduction for mmWave Massive MIMO Systems Using Deep Neural Networks Journal Article

ICT Express, 2024.


H. Son, G. Kwon, H. Park, J. Park,

Signal Model and Linear Combining Design for Multi-Numerology Massive MIMO Systems Journal Article

IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2024.


H. Son, G. Kwon, H. Park, J. Park

Impact of Imperfect Channel State Information on Achievable Rate With Zero-Forcing Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems for Multi-Numerology Inproceedings

IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM 2023), Boston, USA, 2023.